sky blue sky

On the last day of spring break, it rains in Seattle. God must know how I feel. But really the rain isn’t so bad. Maybe its a Seattle thing but watching the water fall, noticing the different sized raindrops, the quirky paths they take as they crawl down the window pane, the way they distill light and make a dark day bright makes for a rather peaceful, balanced mood. Turn on some Vince Guaraldi jazz and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe to a quiet, relaxing day. Ideal for the calm before the storm of a new quarter.


4 comments on “sky blue sky”

  1. Really nice shots! You really know how to control your powershot. Even though its a “point and shoot” you’re getting DSLR quality photos. Awesome work. I’m going to add you to my Watergate list if you don’t mind.

    • Hey, that’s awesome. The powershot is the best point and shoot in my experience because it offers full manual controls and a lot of tinkering features. Though the resolution and focal range still don’t compare to DSLRs. Thanks for the comment and the plug.

  2. I’m digging the format 😉 nice space, good luck!

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