left over

This is a photo that wasn’t included in my previous post titled “steak is good”. By my judgment its not a bad photo it just wasn’t right for the post. Somehow, although it is an acceptable image, it failed to reflect the ideas I wrote about in the post. For this reason it was excluded.

When I am preparing a post I actually consider all elements of it, from the title, the photos, the content in terms of language, ideas, videos, quotes, etc. It may seem silly because this is just a blog after all but I consider each post to be an aesthetic product. I view them as exercises in my combined majors of Visual Arts and English. In this way this blog is simultaneously about exploration of the ideas written about in my “about me” section,  a test of my skills as an artist, a writer, and an originator of content formed from various social/cultural tissues.

Ya know how some leftovers taste better the next day? Maybe left over photos work the same way.


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