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Apr 13 2010

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot A590 IS

You fucked up, you didn’t take advantage of the time you had. You watched baseball, basketball, went out with friends, played too much and worked too little. The homework sits there, on your desk, scattered across the floor, waiting to be done. You can act now, get to work or ignore it for yet another day. But somewhere in the recesses of your mind you remember that you once were a good student, and so you decide to act. At 10:30pm you start on the homework you’ve evaded for far too long. You feel good, things are getting done. Maybe, just maybe you will finish.

But the work is too much and you are too weak. At around 11:00pm you face your predicament, you look at the amount of work that’s been done and the amount that needs to be done. You estimate the ounces of caffeine currently coursing through your veins. You think about when you last ate, about what meal is appropriate for 3am. You weigh your options, the consequences of unfinished homework versus the consequences of temporary sleep deprivation. You sit there and consider, then at 11:05pm you make your choice. This train don’t stop.

You work diligently without looking at the clock on lower right of your laptop toolbar. You have music booming through your headphones; a soundtrack for the sleepless. Time has no meaning here, you are in the zone. Work is the name of the game son, and you are a pro-athlete. Work gets done.

But then something happens, in the early morning, around 3:30am. The music stopped hours ago, the playlist finished, but you only now notice. You only now notice how heavy your head feels, how slow your fingers type, how your gaze dips ever downward. The glances at the clock increase. You begin to question your resolve.  Maybe you wash your face, or make another pot of coffee. You eat a particularly noisy snack, you listen to the loud crunching of potato chips between your teeth. The noise fills your ears, acts to momentarily ward off your exhaustion. But it doesn’t last. You begin to rationalize. You think to yourself “maybe if I take a two hour nap” or “maybe if I wake up early”.

But try as you might you know the truth. If you sleep you won’t wake up again. You won’t rise early to finish what needs to be done now. There’s only one way out of this: to keep on pushing. 4:00am is just around the corner. Where will you find yourself? With your head down on a pillow, heavy snoring emitting from your nostrils, drool forming at the corner of your lips? Or will you be up, plugging away, making progress, finishing what you started, getting work done?

The question is: is it worth it?


4 comments on “all-nighter”

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  3. Ah…This brings back memories.
    And as of today, no, for me it wasn’t worth it. Maybe I should at least get a badge ” I survived architecture school…”

    Cool photo.

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