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By: streetdiscrete

Apr 13 2010

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot A590 IS

I’ve been without internet at home for nearly a week now. Not being plugged in is a truly disorienting experience. I feel like the world is turning but I’m rooted to one spot. I’m being left behind, lost, sidelined on the information highway. My car broke down and it sucks. The other vehicles keep zooming by, new information is being formed, produced, and received. But I can’t take any of it in. I lack the proper tools. I have no access. How much does it suck to not have internet access? Let me count the ways…

Its not just that I can’t check my email or go on facebook, its that I am missing out on content. I’m losing information. The turn over rate is so fast on the internet that by the time I am settled again the world will have turned many times over. What’s present will have become what’s past. And I will have missed all of it. Its gotten so bad that I almost opted out of spending time with a friend in favor of reading That’s fuckin’ bad.

My solution: use the internet at school. Problem? Pretending that the computer lab is my room, that the desktop computers, complete with dust, stains, other people’s greasy residue, is actually my lovely laptop. My laptop is a bit old, but its clean, reliable, missing an “E” button, and sleek as hell. But without internet access its gimped, like a real near sighted 5th grader without her glasses. I feel sorry for her. She needs to be whole again. She needs cable internet. Soon, soon the world will make sense again. And so will I.


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