A return to roast

By: streetdiscrete

Apr 30 2010

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This is a photo from the beef roast series I did a while ago that didn’t get as much exposure as it should have. How do I make up for my editorial mistakes? This is how. Look at that meat glisten!


7 comments on “A return to roast”

  1. And with that, I’m suddenly craving a hunk of meat. Mmmm!

  2. Hey there! haven’t visited your blog in some time and today, when i finally did, what should be waiting for me but a picture of my favourite roast. what a warm welcome back !

    thanks for that 😉 you have me craving some fat now…

    • Hey sorry for the late reply, I haven’t blogged in a while. This is the last photo of this particular roast so you don’t have to worry about it inducing anymore cravings!

  3. that section looks too fatty for my taste… haha

  4. mouth watering… even after dinner XD

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