Hipstamatic Camera Shake

Hipstamatic is an app available for the appstore for ipods and iphones that essentially mimics several different lens and film types. I bought it recently just to mess around with it. Of course the first thing I notice is that with the app every photo I take looks like it came out of an Urban Outfitter’s catalog. Its an interesting aesthetic that taps into the hipster social trend. Even beyond that, the number of lens and films available are kind of like photography short cuts. They allow the user to easily mirror different photographic “looks” without the trouble of using special cameras and spending hours in a dark room manipulating, dodging, and burning. Some avid film photography buffs find apps like Hipstamatic insulting in its ease. But ease also means accessibility. At the end of the day Hipstamatic is just an offshoot of the growth in digital photography. Its fun, its easy, and largely mindless. It takes a night on the town and dresses it up with torn edges, bloomlighting, and lens flairs.

Maybe the art of film photography is disappearing and maybe apps like Hipstamatic are part of the problem. But it has also made photography a more social experience. There is a community of users who share their work, compare their shots, and enjoy the process of quick-shooting. Hipstamatic has a feature where you shake your ipod or iphone and it randomly chooses a lens and film for you, I use it all the time. Instead of spending hours in a dark room seeing orange all day and night, digital photography and apps like this provide an ease of use and greater choice. And more choice is something I can always support. I don’t mean for this to read like an advert of the app, just my thoughts on its existence.

For some reason this song just seems to fit the mood: All Die Young by Smith Westerns


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