Retro Dreams

I used to play video games a lot as a child and as a teenager. But now that I am an “adult” I find I have less and less time to play games as I once did. Some people may deride video games, some people don’t understand them, care for them, or see them as a waste of time. To me video games are a hobby, something some people enjoy doing just for fun. But as a child video games were so much more than that. They were an escape from an often difficult world. A way to travel beyond the confines of the present. Video games were like fantasies played out on tv, imagination given digital form. They simulated adventures and agency that can never be had in real life. These days they are just memories of the past, retro dreams of a distant world.

By the way, if someone knows what that is a picture of, I’d be really impressed.

Currently Listening to: Dreams of the Shores Near Another World by Yasunori Mitsuda


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