Pomegranate RED

found here

I had a bowl of pomegranate seeds last week but I ate them all before thinking to take any photos of them. Lucky I found this one on the internet. I feel like a sham using someone else’s photo for this post but as long as I acknowledge it up front and give credit where credit is due I think all is okay. The photo really is amazing, it captures perfectly the translucent seeds, the deep red color they create when packed tightly together in a glass bowl, and just the sheer volume of seeds one single pomegranate can carry. Pomegranates are supposedly very healthy to eat, they provide vitamins and antioxidants which can dramatically decrease LDL cholesterol levels. So we should probably all be eating more of these. Next time I’m gonna take my own photo of the seeds and talk less about the fruit and more about my awesome photography! Or something like that :-p


9 comments on “Pomegranate RED”

  1. GOSH these are good. I just made a Pomegranate glogg, sorbet and sauce and will do a blog about it all soon… too good.

  2. Feel like going and eating the pomegranate sitting in my fridge right now after seeing this!

  3. my favourite fruit!!! well… very high up on the list. this picture is getting me all excited for september coz thats pomegranate season where I live!! YAY 🙂

  4. YAY! Fruits and veggies! ok, well, it’s just a fruit. But YAY!

  5. HAHA, if there’s food, I’m there.

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